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Welcome to Soundvision-- the perfect blend of design, sound, performance and style.

Soundvision has over 30 years of design, sales and installation experience in residential, commercial and corporate arenas. 

Designing is my passion. I will work hand in hand with you to create that awesome entertainment experience you are looking for. An entertainment system consists of various elements, the equipment you use on a daily basis and the installation materials that run your system which you don't see. Both are important elements for the best performance of your system as they work hand in hand with each other. What you "don't see" is just as important as "what you do see".

Soundvision's expertise in all aspects of Audio/Video installation covers the full gamut from a ground up remodel to the most complex retrofit installation.

We strive to provide you with an outstanding personal experience and our customer support is exceptional...a fun experience from concept to completion.